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Teaching Evaluation


Mid-semester Evaluation – Spring 2013

You may download full report here.

  • The material is explained well. The study sessions for the tests are tremendous.
  • For one, my grade is doing exceptionally well. But that wouldn’t be possible without a teacher that could relay the information in a good manner. It is evident that he hasn’t made the class too easy, but still allowed those who put in the effort to succeed.
  • This is an exciting class. My entire college career has been devoid of some sound financial knowledge. This class has taught me much that I wish I knew earlier! The instructor is knowledgeable and makes the class fun with bonus point competitions and other incentives. He knows the material well.
  • The material is enjoyable and Amir explains the concepts well. The test review session was also very helpful.
    He is very clear and enthusiastic about teaching the course and is doing a great job of teaching it. He keeps to a schedule so that we can have time to cover all the material.
  • I like that Amir offers opportunities for bonus points that are added onto your test grade.I like that he posts the powerpoints online. If we have a question during class he asks our name so I feel like he wants to get to know us by name instead of just a warm body in a seat. He is very open to questions. I also like the fact that he offers partial credit when grading the test. Overall I feel like he is a fairly decent teacher.
  • Instructor is very clear when explaining the subject and seems vert knowledgable. Homework and tests are reasonable.
    I enjoy the lectures. The material is presented quickly, but in a consice manner. And there are lots of examples, which is never a bad thing for a class full of engineers (engineers love examples).
  • I really enjoy the way that the class is overall set up. I like the fact that homework is given basically given every week therefore it is easy to keep up with the class schedule.
  • Amir is good at motivating me to work hard. He responds well to criticism and rude comments from a few students.
  • instructor is enthusiastic and responds well to questions
  • I really enjoy the professor and think he knows a lot about what he is teaching!

Final Evaluation – Spring 2013

You may download full report here.

  • He does his job well and cares about the students. What more could you ask for?
  • Amir was an engaging and probably one of the best instructors I’ve had in my undergraduate career.
  • I really enjoy economics. I have taken many business classes already, but it was a new approach to see the finances from an engineering company specifically. I liked how he uploaded the power points online before class but kept some examples blank so it made you pay attention in class to see how to work the problem. I liked how he kept attendance and encouraged us to come to class because I think attending class is very important to successful college degree. I would definitely recommend Amir to my friends.
  • Amir is a great instructor. He does an excellent job relating to his students and learning everyone’s name.I really enjoyed his class and a lot of the information I learned is useful. He also taught effectively, giving appropriate examples in class and was able to answer questions when ever they came up ( which was a lot). He also encourages students to come to class and offers bonus for attending and sometimes in class bonuses for answering problems.